The DRC of Yakima and Kittitas Counties provides mediation services, training and other ways for people to peacefully solve disputes themselves.

Family Mediation

People may want to work through conflicts in their relationship/marriage with the help of mediators to guide their communication. They can make agreements as to how they will deal with recurring issues, fights, or misunderstandings. If they have decided to end their marriage, they can mediate aspects of their marriage dissolution like their children’s parenting plan and their division of their assets (property) and liabilities.

Parenting Plan
Two parents who are divorced or no longer together if never married, realize their children are being negatively impacted by the parents’ ongoing conflict and bad mouthing of each other. They agree to mediation in order to resolve the conflict and make commitments to a plan created by both parties to protect their children from parental arguments and conflicts by laying out specifics for issues like visitation, schools, health care, etc.

Sometimes conflict within families as children grow up can be difficult to manage. Youths typically in middle school and high school and their parent/parents may find mediation a valuable tool to working out expectations, revising family rules, and coming to common understandings of how rules will be enforced.

Senior Citizen
There are many situations that can create conflict in senior citizen’s lives and those of their families. Adult siblings may disagree over the care of a frail and elderly parent. There may be conflict between the seniors and their children over selling the family home or having to move to a new setting like an assisted living facility. Tensions may arise from three generations of a family living together. Conflicts may also arise related to financial and estate matters. These situations can be mediated through the DRC’s Mediation Services for Seniors program.

Trust and Estate
Specially trained DRC mediators assist parties involved in trust and estate disputes to sort out areas of conflict and write up agreements that can be approved by the local superior court. Clients and their attorneys can save time, money and heartache by resolving issues and improving family relationships. For info on the Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act, look up Revised Code of Washington Section 11.96A.

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