The DRC of Yakima and Kittitas Counties provides mediation services, training and other ways for people to peacefully solve disputes themselves.

Board Members


Dispute Resolution Center of Yakima
2017 Board of Directors


Denielle Beaulaurier

Denielle Beaulaurier – Abeyta-Nelson Injury Law

‘Salie Cockrill – Volunteer Mediation Trainer and Facilitator

DJ Henn – Realtor

Puneet Kakkar – Memorial Conerstone Medicine, physician

Dary Reed – Performance Consultant

BMT crane

Emily Ring – Inklings Bookshop Manager

Loni-Kai Swanhart – Retired Lawyer and Court Commissioner

Tony compressed

Tony Swartz – Attorney

Lorintha Umtuch – Retired Tribal Judge

Scott Wilson compressed

Scott Wilson – Southeast Washington Aging and Long Term Care

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